Where You Can Find My Photos (Besides on Here)

Companies To Know

Here are the companies that I prefer to do business with.

  • Camera Service Pro Inc. – Smyrna, GA – – This is where I have all of my camera cleaning and service work performed at for all of my cameras. Highly recommended.
  • Aperturent – Sandy Springs, GA – – Whenever I need to rent any additional camera or lighting equipment, including video equipment, this is where I go.
  • Adorama – New York, NY – – Most of my camera equipment is purchased through Adorama. I recommend their VIP Plan for the additional warranty that they provide on all purchases.
  • AdoramaPix – New York, NY – – This is where I prefer to order my prints and my photo books from. The quality is solid, and the prices are excellent.
  • B&H Photo Video – New York, NY – – Some of my camera equipment is purchased through B&H. The only difference between them and Adorama for me is the VIP Program.
  • PASS – – This is the way that I deliver my photos to clients. No longer do I have to burn DVDs or mail USB flash drives. With PASS, I simply upload my photos to the site to “pass” them to the client. The client can download them at will, when they are ready to retrieve them.
  • ShootProof – – If you want a specialty print, I use them as the public interface to ordering from the photo lab. It allows me to keep pricing to a minimum for people that just want to get their higher-end specialty prints delivered easily, with no fuss or effort on their part.