Caffeine and Octane – February 2021

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Caffeine and Octane at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody, Georgia, on February 7, 2021.

I normally just post the photos and when it was held. This time I have a little more to post – and I feel this is important.

There was a huge increase in the amount of people doing burnouts, revving, and using 2 steps. C&O management has been running this show at no cost to participants and spectators for years, with sponsors helping cover the costs of holding this event every month. All that they have ever asked for is for people to be safe and NOT do burnouts, revving, or use 2 steps at C&O meets. That’s it, clearly it is not a difficult request to comply with.

I have a request.
If you enjoy having this monthly meet, then please help spread the word that this type of behavior shouldn’t be done at this meet. People can play with their cars elsewhere, just not at this particular meet. If someone is old enough to drive, then they are obviously old enough to know how to be responsible. If you see someone who is getting carried away, remind them that this is a shared event, and we all need everyone’s assistance to protect it from being shut down. I have seen many meets shut down over the years, and do not want to see this one shut down. I hope that everyone else understands this as well.

Full resolution photos can be found on my Flickr acct here.