Top 10 Car Photos of 2016

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At the end of the year, I review the automotive photos that I have taken during the year, and select the ones that I think are my top car photos. Below, I have selected what I consider to be my top 10 automotive photos that I took, and a few extra ones that are close. I have excluded shots form Caffeine and Octane or Caffeine and Exotics meets as I have a separate post for them.

My only real purpose for this post is so that I can review my photos the next year and see how I have improved, and where I still need to improve. This post is one of the ways that I review and see what I’ve learned over time. By comparing my photos of the present to the photos that I have taken in the past, I can see where I have improved, and where I need to focus my efforts to improve. Next year, I will compare my top 10 list and see what differences I find.

I believe that my most shared photo on IG was this one.