Top 10 Car Photos of 2015

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At the end of the year, I review the automotive photos that I have taken during the year, and select the ones that I think are my top car photos. Below, I have selected what I consider to be my top 10 automotive photos that I took, and a few extra ones that are close. I have excluded shots form Caffeine and Octane or Caffeine and Exotics meets as I have a separate post for them.

My only real purpose for this post is so that I can review my photos the next year and see how I have improved, and where I still need to improve. This post is one of the ways that I review and see what I’ve learned over time. By comparing my photos of the present to the photos that I have taken in the past, I can see where I have improved, and where I need to focus my efforts to improve. Next year, I will compare my top 10 list and see what differences I find.


2Mustang - July 2015


4Rig Shot of 64 Impala lowrider

5Rig Shot of 64 Impala lowrider

6Mustang - Nov 2015

7Josh's E92

8Josh's E92

9Wanna Go Fast - May 2015 - Clayton Georgia


While it wasn’t one of my best shots of the year, these shots of Totem’s “Stormy” was easily my most popular shot of the year, being shared several times on Instagram. Once the owner of the car (@mistertotem2) shared this first photo on his IG account, the set of photos made the rounds on several accounts. I’ve listed the shares that I know of below.

Vintage Class Meet - Stormy

@mistertotem2 sick daily 67 Camaro “Stormy”. Photo by @davidnew_ga #americanmusclehd #camaro

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67 Camaro👌 Photo by @davidnew_ga Owner @mistertotem2 #musclecarfanatics

A photo posted by Welcome To MuscleCar Fanatics™ (@musclecar.fanatics) on

Dope '67 Camaro | Rate 1-100 | 📷@davidnew_ga

A photo posted by @musclekingz on

'67 Camaro!!!! —— Via: @americanmusclehd Photo by: @davidnew_ga

A photo posted by Muscle Cars And Hot Rods (@musclecar) on

This is clean 📷@davidnew_ga #streetequipped #StreetEQP #americanmuscle #oldschool #67camaro

A photo posted by Street Equipped ™ Garage (@streetequipped) on

@mistertotem2's Camaro sittin' right… Photo by @davidnew_ga 📷 #1967 #camaro #protouring

A photo posted by Modern Day Hot Rods (@moderndayhotrods) on


A photo posted by carol havinga (@carolisinthehouse) on

10/10 😍👌🏼 | ❤️ DOUBLE TAP ❤️ | photo via @davidnew_ga !

A photo posted by No Ads (@w0rldwidewhips) on

@MisterTotem2's '67 Camaro he calls Stormy is one mean machine! Photo: @davidnew_ga #Camaro #LSx #SpeedSociety

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