Top 10 Photos of 2014 at Caffeine and Octane

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At the end of the year, I review the photos that I have taken at Caffeine and Octane and Caffeine and Exotics during the year, and select the top photos. This year, I decided to select what I consider the top 10 photos that I took, and another 20 that were interesting.

Here are my Top 20 of 2013 (last year). I’m not sure that I am producing better results now, except for my post-processing – that has definitely improved. This selection is here to help me review next year and see where I have improved and where I can continue to improve.

TOP 10


20 More


Finally, while it isn’t the best photo, it was one of the rarest cars of the year for C&O and was totally unexpected – the Jaguar XJ220.