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I recently went on Creative Live and watched a Photoshop training webinar on the essential Photoshop skills and how to apply them in a quick simple way. The class was called “Photoshop for Photographers : The Essentials”, and was taught by Ben Willmore. It was easily one of the best basic instruction webinars that I have seen. Ben Willmore made a lot of of the basics super-simple, and I highly recommend this training if you are just getting started in Photoshop. I didn’t join for the whole 3 day class, but what I saw was very solid teaching.

If you ever wondered about learning about curves, hue, saturation, adjustment layers, etc., this is one of the fastest ways to get up to speed that I have seen. I believe that it is worth the $149 to watch this class replay on Creative Live.

He has an Advanced Class planned for CL in the future. I plan to watch it as well.

Quite simply, he makes difficult PS capabilities super easy to understand. His training is a must if you are serious about manipulating your photos.

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