Focus On: Chadbee Photography

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Chad is a local Atlanta-based automotive photographer, who shoots freelance for some major automotive magazine publications. He is one of the few professional photographers that I actually talk to in-person.

Chad was one of the first Atlanta photographers that I know of to turn out professional quality automotive shots, including rig shots. He also has one of the longest-running automotive photography blogs in the Atlanta area.

Chad is really good at controlling the reflective surfaces of the cars that he shoots and making sure to draw the eye to the car, even when there are multiple competing elements in the photo. While you can be sure that he uses a lot of PS skill to produce his final production shots, you never feel like the photo was actually a PS composite – he generally keeps his photos looking like they could have been originally shot just like they look in the photo. I personally like the realism, as that is what I generally go for with my post-processing as well.

If you want to learn how to shoot cars professionally for print publications, he is your Atlanta role model.




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