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Serge Ramelli is a French photographer who offers tutorial videos for Adobe’s photography-involved products – Lightroom and Photoshop. He also offers tutorials for photography like HDR and sells some prints. He is pretty well-known for his vivid landscape post-processing and being a master of Adobe Lightroom and ACR.

I first found Serge Ramelli’s YouTube channel and watched his free tutorials and applied some of his adjustment techniques to Lightroom (LR) and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). I learned how to control the different zones of a photo better, and it immediately improved my post-processing – more than just using pre-made presets. Most of this year’s photos that you see on my site are processed in Lightroom utilizing the techniques that Serge Ramelli shows in his tutorials.

After a while, I decided that it was worth it to purchase his LR and Photoshop (PS) tutorial package. I purchased it and found the LR training to be a little bit more in-depth than his free tutorials. Not massively more in-depth, but there were a few more tips and tricks included. At the extremely low price (he had them on sale at the time), it was a no-brainer to get it.
The HDR tutorials that were included were more focused on getting beginners up and shooting bracketed exposures, and were not a big help to me, but it did have a lot of good information on breaking down how Photomatix Pro actually works. If you are just getting started in HDR, then it is excellent.
The PS tutorials that I have actually had time to go through focused on ACR and I found it to be a little repetitious after watching his LR tutorials, but necessary to start with if you plan to get good with PS. The compositing tutorials were basic, and worth the money, but I think that there are better tutorials for compositing available, unless you are just starting out with compositing.
Overall, the training was easily best deals out there if you are looking to improve your LR and ACR skills, and want to get the basics of PS learning quickly and easily. I was pleased with the content of the training.

I also bought Serge Ramelli’s LR Presets Volume 2 : Lights (Light Leaks, Contre-Jour, and Night Life) when the preset package went on sale. With a substantial sale on the whole package, it was pretty obvious that they had to be worth the money. They are completely different than the ones that SLRLounge offers, and focus on lighting effects rather than the overall control of a photo. Each set had 20 presets in it, with a variety of looks. I haven’t had an opportunity where I felt that they were the perfect fit yet, but I can say that they all work (I tested all of them when I received them).

My suggestion is that you visit Serge Ramelli’s YouTube channel, watch some of his free tutorials, and if you like his teaching style, then look at his training packages. Make certain you check his main page and his YouTube channel to see what discounts are available at the time also.






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