Focus On: Camera and Lens Rental Company

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Sooner or later, every photographer runs into a situation where they need more equipment than they own. At that point, they can either choose to purchase it, or if they only need it temporarily, they can rent it.

There are quite a few companies that rent photography gear, such as lenses, camera bodies, lighting equipment, and more.  In Atlanta, there are two places that most professionals rent from – PPR Atlanta and Aperturent.

Aperturent is located in Sandy Springs, just off I-285 on Roswell Rd. That makes it very easy for anyone to get there quickly. Unlike the rental places that are only available online to ship equipment to you with big deposits required, Aperturent focuses on keeping the cost to rent low, and allows local pickup to reduce shipping costs.

For me, it is a no-brainer. I just go online to their site, add what I need to my cart, checkout online, and they have it ready to pick it up when I drive over. When I am done, I just go back into their office and hand it to them. It’s the easiest way to get what I need.

Oh yeah – they even have a GigiPan – I might have to rent that one day.




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