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Camera Service Company
Camera Service Company is located in Smyrna, GA, just outside of Atlanta.

Camera Service Company Inc. is a full service Nikon / Canon / Leica / Hasselblad / etc camera repair facility in Smryna, Georgia (just outside Atlanta). They have been in business since 1945, and handle all of my cleaning and repair needs for my cameras. I’ve had them rebuild lenses, clean the Nikons (including the D600), repair my grandfather’s 1940’s medium format Super Ikon, etc. They also can repair flashes and more, but I haven’t had them do that yet.

I often see that people on forums are complaining that they need to send in their camera for sensor cleaning – I’ve never had an issue. I simply drive over to them, and they have always cleaned the sensor while I waited – and it never has taken more than 15 minutes. I know that they do offer a fast mail-in service for cleaning, but I haven’t needed to mail mine in obviously.

As far as repair, they have always have my items repaired within a week. I’m not joking – they have been that fast, including sourcing difficult parts, like a shutter for the Super Ikon. I suspect that someday they will need longer than that, as one week is insanely fast, but that is my experience with them. Even getting a barrel in and replacing it on a lens took only one week. No one is faster that I have run across.

A word about the location: Yes, it is difficult to figure out how to get to them, and yes, the storefront looks tiny and old – that’s because it is. They have been around many, many years, and haven’t updated the store’s looks. Don’t let that distract you from what you need – quality service. They can take care of what you need, which is more important that having a fancy storefront.

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