Caffeine and Octane – May 2013

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C&O was mostly rained out this morning. Only a few hardcore guys gathered in the misting rain, but 3 of them were from the Lamborghini group. Two were nice enough to move and let us shoot their cars.

With it raining, I just shot the D600 with the 24-120 and my old Hoya CPL. I didn’t want to change lenses in the rain, as that seemed to probably be a bad idea.

Below are a few of the photos from C&O May 2013. The rest are located in:
Caffeine and Octane Forum

The Flickr page for this set has the rest of the photos in higher resolution.


 photo 05052013_CandO_Lamborghinis-9_zpsde284834.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO_Lamborghinis-12_zps29110614.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO_Lamborghinis-13_zps05427400.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO_Lamborghinis-14_zpsb5dd30fd.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO_Lamborghinis-15_zps41ec5ce2.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO_Lamborghinis-16_zpsd245f7f1.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO_Lamborghinis-5_zps0f86b111.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO-19_zps0dbf244f.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO-20_zps4e22bd6c.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO-24_zps40e5baf1.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO-25_zps3d93e1a5.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO-42_zps43edbc27.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO-65_zps175b29cf.jpg

 photo 05052013_CandO-83_zps6ebbcb48.jpg