Zen Motors – April 2013

Rode up with a friend to Zen Motors and DIYAutoTune.com on April 20. They had a small meet, but with good cars. I took a few photos up there, and here are some of them.

The rest can be seen on my Flickr page for this set.

 photo 04202013_Zen_Motors-3_zps5db01eb6.jpg
 photo 04202013_Zen_Motors-4_zps1f8aa316.jpg
 photo 04202013_Zen_Motors-13_zpsfd9940f8.jpg
 photo 04202013_Zen_Motors-16_zps31644fde.jpg
 photo 04202013_Zen_Motors-18_zpsf41acf25.jpg
 photo 04202013_Zen_Motors-23_zps3f18858b.jpg
 photo 04202013_Zen_Motors-25_zpsc76b9d10.jpg
 photo 04202013_Zen_Motors-34_zps3f84dab8.jpg
 photo 04202013_Zen_Motors-39_zpsbfd4cd47.jpg

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