Caffeine and Octane – April 2013

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Tons of people showed up this month, and both parking lots were overflowing. There were so many people that it made it very difficult to get decent photos. People would just stand in the way, or walk deliberately in front of the camera while you were shooting. Next month, I will probably just have to shoot my wide angle, as the 28mm just wasn’t allowing me to get close enough.

Below is a selection of photos, but you can see all of them here:
Caffeine and Octane Forum – C&O Photos – Apr 2013 – C&O – April 2013

The rest of the photos are on the Flickr page for this set.

 photo CandO-Apr-2013-1_zps8f2b7b1f.jpg
 photo CandO-Apr-2013-2_zpsa8822490.jpg
 photo CandO-Apr-2013-3_zpsc6aeb938.jpg
 photo CandO-Apr-2013-4_zpsa2d4db2a.jpg
 photo CandO-Apr-2013-5_zps6d805cec.jpg
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 photo CandO-Apr-2013-16_zps17be8d70.jpg
 photo CandO-Apr-2013-17_zps36a63f8e.jpg
 photo CandO-Apr-2013-18_zpsc69941ec.jpg
 photo CandO-Apr-2013-19_zpscef2739a.jpg
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 photo CandO-Apr-2013-21_zps95ac476a.jpg
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