10th Annual Georgia Tech Auto Show

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The 10th Annual Georgia Tech Auto Show is a short show, only running from 11am to 1pm, but a lot of people make it out to it. It has a rather unique variety of cars, and some that you won’t see at other car show, including at Caffeine and Octane meets. It’s worth trying to make it to it if you can.

The rest of the photos are on the Flickr page for this set

 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-105_zps312f4d85.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-90_zpsd8f4061d.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-87_zps2c3e8cbc.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-78_zps371bf5b3.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-76_zps42936612.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-67_zps0d0fbeca.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-62_zps65e9ebd0.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-60_zps625440e0.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-55_zpsa29e6c00.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-51_zps0510c117.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-46_zps560e2dfc.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-32_zps9534509c.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-29_zps0c89d7de.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-27_zpsee6ffcc4.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-25_zps6558409b.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-23_zps1f03b0e0.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-20_zpsad586d31.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-12_zps34e02a43.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-7_zps120f566f.jpg
 photo 03302013-GT_Auto_Show-4_zps36e61b7a.jpg