Caffeine and Octane – February 2013

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It was cold, but warm enough to go. Some of the people that post on showed up at 7am at Panera Bread, then walked over to shoot the meet. I met up with them, and shot my Nikon D70 with my Sigma 10-20mm and my Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8.

Below is a a sampling of the photos that I took, you can see more of them and larger on the C&O forum  and on my Flickr page for this set.

 photo 02032013-CandO-141_zps9ef0dc76.jpg

 photo 02032013-CandO-146_zpsaf36985f.jpg

 photo 02032013-CandO-144_zpsce041913.jpg

 photo 02032013-CandO-128_zps693dd5e3.jpg

 photo 02032013-CandO-85_zps5f520c10.jpg

 photo 02032013-CandO-79_zps8b6fa459.jpg

 photo 02032013-CandO-49_zpsabb96598.jpg

 photo 02032013-CandO-6_zpsa06265ec.jpg